Monsanto’s History of Questionable Practices and Pollution


For years, Monsanto polluted their land. The corporation knew they couldn’t fight back. Now they can.

In a series of special reports called “Pollution, Poverty, and People of Color: Dirty Soil and Diabetes,” Scientific American reporter Brett Israel revealed in 2012 the deadly pollution Monsanto released for years from their chemical production plant in the Black community of Anniston, Alabama. Residents there continue to suffer from diabetes and other illnesses caused by this blatant disregard for the environment and the people in it.

Not much has changed since 2012. Socioeconomically challenged people in communities like Anniston continue to suffer. Until someone holds corporations like Monsanto (now Bayer-Monsanto) accountable, they will continue to cause harm for the sake of massive profits.

OnderLaw Law is taking on Monsanto in courtrooms across the country. We’re changing the way these corporations do business. We hope you’ll support us in these efforts.

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