Mass Torts 101: Litigation Updates

How long does this process take?

It’s a very common question that we get, both from new clients as well as those that have been with us for years. We understand that the process of a mass torts litigation can be extremely frustrating. Although progress is being made on the case as a whole, each person’s case may feel like it is standing still for years at a time. For this edition of Mass Torts 101, we are going to look at litigation updates and what goes into making sure that all  our clients know the current state of the litigation they are involved in.

Once you’ve signed on as a client with our firm, we immediately begin work on your case. We review the case file, identify the evidence we’ll need, research medical providers, obtain any missing medical history info, and then order medical records. This process, as explained in a previous Mass Torts 101 piece, can take several months, depending on the size and accessibility of the records. Once we have received your records back, we have them reviewed by a physician. It becomes more helpful at this point to provide updates on the entire litigation, rather than on each person’s individual file.

When we need to share information with our clients that is public, we will often post to our firm Facebook page, @onderlawfirm, providing a source and a link for the update. These updates are broad and will not discuss your particular case. Examples include a verdict in a case that has made it court, a statement by opposing counsel or the executives of the company, or the beginning of a new trial. Almost always, these updates are an update to your individual claim because news that affects the entire group of cases affects your case as well.

For more important or confidential updates, we communicate via phone, text, email, or letters. When we need all of our clients to receive some new information or complete a certain form, we will generate a report of email and mailing addresses, then we will send out a mailing. Email mailings go our faster than letters, but we will often send both to as many clients as possible to make sure they have received the update. We make every effort to remain in contact and provide updates as needed. Please keep an eye on your mailbox, voicemail, and inbox.

The nice thing about mass tort cases is that unless we address an update specifically to you or request a piece of information that only you could provide, no action is required on your part. Our goal is to keep all our clients up-to-date with the most current knowledge available about their litigation, although the pace of the courts is often slow and many months can go by with no major developments. But unless we reach out to you directly, you can rest assured that your case is being handled and progress is being made. We do understand that this system of producing documents and then waiting months or even years can be very frustrating for many clients, especially those that have suffered through years of illness and treatment, but please bear in mind that we are doing everything possible to recover as much as possible on your behalf. Our firm is often frustrated with the slow pace of these litigations as well, so you are not alone. We thank you for your continued patience and we look forward to seeing you for the next edition of Mass Torts 101!

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