Kansas City – Pedestrian Accident Victim Identified

Authorities have identified one of the victims in Wednesday’s pedestrian accident in Kansas City.

At 4:20 p.m., two pedestrians were struck by a vehicle at the intersection of West 98th Street and Wornall Road. One of the victims was hospitalized following the crash and is now listed as stable. Officials have now identified the fatality as 83-year-old Theodore W. Schroeder. He died at the accident site. Authorities are still investigating the case and will release more info when appropriate.

As this incident highlights, almost all pedestrian accidents result in either serious injuries or deaths. Identifying and apprehending suspects/culprits can help prevent future incidents, as well as allow victims or their families to find closure. Under appropriate circumstances, aggrieved parties can also pursue claims against these negligent individuals with the help of personal injury counsel.