Kansas City – Mother Killed in Two-Car Crash

A mother was killed in an accident in Kansas City late Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Blue Ridge Cutoff and the eastbound off-ramp from Interstate 70. At approximately 10:00 p.m., 38-year-old LaShonda C. Johnson of Grandview was killed, while her two-month-old child was seriously hurt, when the Chevy sedan she was driving was struck by an Oldsmobile sedan driven by a still-unidentified motorist. The infant sustained critical injuries but has since been tagged as stable. The incident is currently under investigation.

This incident highlights the tragic nature of many road accidents and how reckless or negligent behavior can injure or kill people. It’s imperative that victims or their next-of-kin are informed of legal avenues available to them. It’s in these situations where having personal injury experts fight for our rights would be extremely beneficial.