J&J Bankruptcy to Move Forward; Trials Halted

Bankruptcy word on a Johnson powder bottleSee the Court’s response to talc-related cancer victims’ Motion to Dismiss J&J subsidiary, LTL Management, LLC’s bankruptcy. As you can tell, the judge was forced to comply with a loophole in bankruptcy law that is allowing the corporate giant to exploit the bankruptcy process.

Click here for the talc bankruptcy decision PDF.

Click here for the preliminary injunction opinion PDF.

Talc-related cancer victims will likely still be compensated, but instead of being heard before juries of their peers, their claims will now be held up, potentially for years, in bankruptcy court.

We are NOT angry with the judge. We are angry with the loophole in bankruptcy law that allows corporations to be held to a different standard than citizens like us. We encourage you to contact your representatives and demand they change the law so that billionaires cannot exploit bankruptcy laws to avoid accountability.

We continue to represent victims, even in bankruptcy court, and are active on the Claimants’ Committee. As always, we will continue to keep you posted as this situation develops.