Jadwin – Possible DUI in Crash

Authorities are suspecting DUI as the cause of an accident in Jadwin Tuesday last week.

At 8:27 p.m., a 2000 Ford Mustang was traveling on State Highway ZZ when it veered off the roadway and struck several trees about two miles south of Jadwin. 19-year-old Caleb J. Mischiara and 20-year-old Ian M. Hutchings, both of Salem, were thrown off the vehicle and sustained multiple injuries. Following an initial investigation of the incident, officials arrested Mischiara for possible DUI. He is now facing multiple charges related to the crash.

As this case exemplifies, driving while intoxicated can result in accidents that hurt or kill people. Suffice it to say, these negligent motorists should be stopped from operating any vehicle. They can also face charges/claims from people they have injured, and personal injury experts can help us pursue this avenue.