Frankford – Highway Accident with Injuries

A truck pulling a trailer crashed on the highway in Frankford late Tuesday afternoon.

At 4:50 p.m., a 2017 GMC Sierra was traveling north on US-61 when the trailer it was pulling suddenly broke off just south of the city center. This caused the trailer to hit the pickup truck, forcing it off the left side of the roadway. 60-year-old Murry D. Romig was injured in the crash and was taken to Pike County Memorial Hospital for treatment. Other vehicles were not involved in the incident. Officials are investigating the case and will release updates when appropriate.

Road incidents frequently injure or kill people, making it crucial to identify causes/culprits as quickly as possible. Having said that, victims of accidents, or their families, are advised to consult personal injury/accident experts so that all appropriate options can be explored and pursued.