Five Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About Your Car Accident Injuries

A car accident can interfere with your life and daily routine. You’re suddenly forced to take time away from work and other responsibilities to attend your doctor’s appointments. Recovering from an injury can take time and lead to various burdens. The cost of medical treatment can be expensive and lead to serious financial strain if you can’t afford your bills.

Seeking treatment is one of the most vital steps you should take after a car accident. You must communicate with all of your doctors openly and honestly about the injury you suffered. Leaving out details about your injury can damage your prospects for recouping your losses. If you withhold important information, you could struggle to recover the compensation you need during a claim or lawsuit.

Below are five tips you should follow when discussing your car accident injuries with your doctor.

Discuss Your Medical History

You might have suffered injuries in previous accidents or have an underlying medical condition. Although it doesn’t seem necessary to tell your doctor, you should. Give them a thorough history of any injury or illness you suffered. Medical providers need this information to determine the appropriate treatment for your current injury.

For example, if you have diabetes, you could be at a higher risk of infection. Your doctors need to know this to manage your treatment plan effectively to avoid any complications during your recovery.

Provide a Detailed Account of the Accident

Your doctors need to know how the injury occurred. Tell them everything you remember about the crash. If you recall hitting your head on the steering wheel or cutting yourself on a piece of glass, let them know. You should also inform your medical providers of what happened after the accident. For example, if you experienced more pain after getting up and walking around, you might have caused additional damage.

Even if you don’t have visible injuries, discuss whether you hit your head on the window or steering wheel. A concussion can lead to a range of debilitating symptoms. If the injury is severe, you could have internal damage you can’t see without an imaging test.

Explain Every Symptom

talking to doctor after accidentInform your doctor of every symptom you’ve experienced since the car accident. Even if it seems unrelated to your injury, you should tell the physician. Sometimes, these signs can indicate an underlying problem or internal injury you didn’t know you had. If you withhold any information, it could be challenging for the doctor to diagnose your injury correctly.

Before your initial visit with the medical provider, you should write down every symptom, the severity, and whether the pain worsens during specific activities. For example, if your leg hurts, tell your doctor if it’s a throbbing, dull, or sharp pain. Also, indicate whether certain movements alleviate or worsen your symptoms.

Ask About the Treatment Plan

You should ask every doctor you see for a comprehensive treatment plan. Discuss the type of treatment you need and how many times a week or month you should go.

Manage your expectations by asking about the estimated recovery time, so you know what to expect. Many people make the mistake of deviating from the initial plan, extending the timeline of their necessary treatment. If you decide to skip appointments, you could do more harm than good.

Tell Them If Your Injury Affects Your Job

For some, the injury they sustain in a car accident can prevent them from returning to work. You might not be able to go back to work for a specific period, or perhaps you can return but with some physical or mental limitations. Tell your doctor if you notice issues you’re having doing your job. They might recommend you take some time off to allow your injury to heal.

Your medical provider should provide a written document detailing your inability to perform your job-related duties and indicating why. You can provide a copy to the insurance company indicating your physical impairment. Without a doctor’s note, you won’t have much evidence to prove your injury affects your job.

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