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Jessica C. Grau

Personal Injury Attorney

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Jessica C. Grau is a plaintiff’s personal injury trial attorney who handles matters including motor vehicle collisions, catastrophic injury, wrongful death, slip and fall matters dog bites, and sexual abuse. With a background in litigation, she aggressively fights back against large corporations who take advantage of injured persons.

Jessica graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies from Arizona State University, where she also earned her Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Special Education. She also earned her law degree in Phoenix, Arizona in 2013.

In her young adult life, Jessica was a victim of a grueling assault which took a toll on her both mentally and physically. After going through this trauma and seeing firsthand the justice that the legal system provides, she ultimately found her calling as an advocate for injured tort victims. Jessica has dedicated her career to servicing survivors of injustice ever since and has secured millions of dollars through settlement and verdict for her clients.

One of Jessica’s greatest passions is advocating for women and children. In an effort to empower women, she represents survivors of domestic violence pro bono. She also collaborates with local professionals to raise money for various non-profit organizations that advance the lives of women and children throughout California.

Jessica is a member of Consumer Advocate Attorneys of Los Angeles, Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, and American Association for Justice. She was recently named a Rising Star 2020 and 2021 by Super Lawyers.

When Jessica is not working, she enjoys spending time with her six-year-old daughter, Leila, her dog, Bella and her cat, Mushu.

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