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Emma E. Sikora Paulus

Toxic Tort & Products Liability Litigation Attorney

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Toxic Tort & Products Liability Litigation Attorney



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Emma Sikora Paulus joined OnderLaw, LLC as an attorney in 2022 after starting in our intake department and has fast become respected for her skill and passion, particularly for environmental-related claims and causes. She brings a fresh perspective and an innate talent for leadership, and has dedicated herself to bringing justice to those who have suffered cancers and other illnesses following exposure to industrial waste and corporate chemical contamination.

Emma earned her Juris Doctor from St. Louis University School of Law, where she was a Dean’s Scholarship recipient and head of the SBA Social Committee. She earned an Academic Excellence Award in Climate Change and the Law, and excelled in administrative and environmental law. While still a student, she gained valuable legal experience through an internship with the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office; as a law clerk with the St. Louis Criminal Defense Clinic; and as a law clerk with OnderLaw.

Emma’s undergraduate years were spent at St. Louis University, where she studied and earned bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Middle Eastern politics. Her interests led her to complete field studies in journalism in Morocco. While there, her work was published in Round Earth Media, and she served as head of social media for Reporting Morocco. Emma also completed a St. Louis University Atlas Internship focused on global citizenship.

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