4 St. Charles residents injured in rainy day accident

ST. CHARLES, MO – Four St. Charles residents were injured in a crash Friday, May 8, when their vehicle slid on the road due to rainy weather, as reported by the Daily Herald.

Jennie Kull had four passengers with her, her husband Jim Kull, Daughter Morgan Kull, and Jake Schweizer.

Kull and her four passengers were driving to her daughter’s Auburn apartment in a Mercedes-Benz SUV when her vehicle began to hydroplane. The tires of Kull’s vehicle lost traction and she lost control of her vehicle.

Kull’s vehicle went off the road. Kull shared that she was able to aim them away from the overpass. The SUV hit two trees and collided with a barbed wire fence before coming to a stop.

Kull’s vehicle was enabled with Onestar, so emergency services were contacted immediately.

Kull exited her vehicle to seek help by the road. Paramedics arrived shortly after the accident and took Kull and her 3 passengers to the Medical Center at Bowling Green.

Kull suffered three broken neck vertebrae, broken ribs, and bruises from her seat belt. Jim Kull suffered a broken back, sternum, several other broken bones, and a collapsed lung. Schweizer required surgery for two fractured vertebrae. Morgan Kull suffered a dislocated ankle, broken sternum, pelvis, and coccyx.

Kul and her passengers were all wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.

The Kulls returned home to St. Charles Sunday.

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