2022 Saw Highest Children’s Product Recalls Since 2013

Children’s safety is a top priority for every parent. At OnderLaw, we champion the rights of families affected by injuries due to defective products. Today, we shine a spotlight on a concerning trend.

The Stark Numbers:

2022 witnessed a staggering 100 recalls of children’s products. This was the highest since 2013, making up 34% of total recalls last year. In the grand scheme, this meant one in every three recalls was for a product our children use.

Diverse Dangers:

Recalls weren’t limited to a single category. From the MamaRoo Baby Swings that posed a strangulation hazard to Pillowfort Weighted Blankets with an asphyxiation risk, our children were exposed to a plethora of dangers. Other recalls spanned across toys, clothing, and strollers.

The Role of the CPSC:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) acts as our first line of defense against hazardous products. They work diligently with companies to initiate recalls and ensure the public is informed. While they remain proactive, it’s concerning when CPSC’s Patty Davis states that they’ve had to issue warnings independently when companies refuse to cooperate on recalls. This raises an alarming question: Is there a lack of responsibility from manufacturers?

The Legal Roadblock:

Critics, including Rep. Jan Schakowsky, argue that federal law currently sides with manufacturers, hindering the CPSC from being fully transparent about dangerous products without a company’s consent. This, undeniably, is a system that seems to favor business over the well-being of consumers.

The Silver Lining:

While the number of recalls was high, the actual units recalled saw a drop, from over 19 million in 2021 to approximately 5.5 million in 2022. However, the fact remains that the overall number of product recalls has been steadily increasing, with 2022 registering 293 recalls—the highest since 2016.

Our Call to Action:

At OnderLaw, we firmly believe that even a single recall is one too many, especially when it concerns our children’s safety. We support efforts to strengthen the CPSC and its regulatory authority.

We urge parents to stay updated with the latest recalls and always report any incidents with products. Companies should be held accountable for ensuring the absolute safety of their products.

If your family has been affected by a recalled product, we are here to help. Together, let’s ensure a safer tomorrow for our children.